Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Emily Horowitz completely DESTOYS Victim Cultist Marci Hamilton at the SOHO Forum

Emily Howowitz soundly defeated a major player in the cult of victimhood in Marci Hamilton of CHILD USA.

Marci Hamilton got completely destroyed. She played the same tired playbook from the 1980s. The Victim Cult arguments all boil down to the same tired arguments that have been debunked:

1. High Reoffense rates/ Can't be cured
2. If it saves just one child
3. The hundreds of victims myth
4. All on the registry are pedophiles

Marci kept relying on vague claims ("social scientists say") but WHICH social scientists was she talking about? Prentky? Langevin? Those two studies that made outlandish claims were debunked. Marci didn't name an actual study during this debate. NOT. ONE. STUDY.


Should the Sex Offender Registry Be Abolished? A Live Debate.
Watch Sociologist Emily Horowitz vs. Marci Hamilton of CHILD USA at the Soho Forum.
Jim Epstein|Feb. 12, 2018 6:48 pm

Should the sex offender registry be abolished? Watch a live debate at the Soho Forum between Emily Horowitz, a sociologist at St. Francis College, and Marci Hamilton from the University of Pennsylvania and CHILD USA. Drop questions in the Facebook comments, and we'll read aloud a few of the best at the event.

The final score was 72-16. Only bigger blowout I saw recently was that 2017 Alabama-Ole Miss game

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